Why choose Ubud Bali Hanging Gardens as your place to stay?

If you come to Bali, then you have to come to Ubud because Ubud is one of the tourist destinations that nobody wants to miss it. Ubud offers stunning natural beauty where you have never seen it before. If you come to Ubud, you can stay at the available hotel or you can stay at one of the resorts in Ubud. The resort in the location offers Ubud Bali hanging garden as your place to stay. This place to stay provides first class comfort with the natural landscape directly. Why should you choose Ubud Bali hanging garden when you want to feel qualified accommodation? Here, Indonesia.travel USA will share with you why you have to choose the hanging gardens in Ubud.

Why choose Ubud Bali Hanging Gardens as your place to stay?

Best Spot for Honeymoon

Are you looking for a honeymoon destination? Well, it seems that Ubud can be the best location for your honeymoon. Since Ubud offers so many Ubud Bali hanging gardens as the places for new couples to stay during their honeymoon. The accommodation is also complete with the best bedrooms ever. Some of the materials used to build this hanging gardens are bamboo, wood, and concrete. So, you can enjoy a few nights along with your spouse at this resort.

Provides a Perfect Ubud Scenery

One of the other reasons why Ubud Bali hanging gardens can be the best place to stay is because it provides perfect Ubud scenery from a hill. This hanging garden is built on a cliff where you can see the down view from above. You can see the natural beauty of Ubud from this resort including the beauty of the rice terrace as the most favorite landmark for foreign visitors. Staying in this hanging garden truly seems like being hanged but it is safe because the building is designed perfectly.

Provides Nice Swimming Pool

The best thing that you will get when staying at Ubud Bali hanging garden resort is the swimming pool provided. The swimming pool is not the common swimming pool because it is built on a cliff with the direct Ubud scenery. This can be your best moment by swimming on a beautiful pool along with your spouse or family. The resort seems so dangerous because it is built on a cliff but it is actually very safe. So, even though you are afraid of height, you still have a chance to enjoy your vacation or honeymoon in this Ubud Bali hanging garden.


Ubud Bali Hanging Gardens

Ubud Bali Hanging Gardens

Bali is famous for honeymoon and wedding destination as it has the romantic scenery of sunset, beach, and the like. Speaking of romantic destination, the best place to visit in the Island probably is Ubud Bali Hanging Gardens. The place is a luxurious 5-star hotel which located in the center of Ubud preserved the rainforest. It can be considered as the most romantic place on the island and very suitable for honeymoons.

Located in the secluded place, the Hanging Garden hotel offers only private villas, restaurants, spa, bar, and also the most famous twin-tiered pools by the cliff. The entire hotel view is dominated by rainforest which makes the place looks like jungle caster. Adding the romantic theme, the bathroom comes prepared with rose petal and in every outdoor balcony has massage beds for those who want to get massage and spa in their very own villa. The place is the perfect choice for those who seek for a quiet place that far from touristy junk.  

  • The pool by the cliff

Due to the unique located, the hotel also provides unique shape pools by the cliff. The split swimming pool with fresh water and breathtaking scenery is probably the only one in the world. The split-pool by the cliff has the view of the magnificent temple. You will feel like swimming in the center of a jungle since the pool itself is surrounded by trees and small terraces. The swimming pool is somehow the icon of the Hanging Gardens hotel.

  • Things to remember

Even though it has the breathtaking view due to the secluded location, however, there are some points that should be remembered as summed up by Indonesia.travel USA.

  •    As the location suggest, the Hanging Garden hotel is secluded. This means that it is quite far from the center of Ubud. It is approximately 25 minutes of driving.
  •    There are also free shuttle buses to Ubud, but the service is only available until 5 pm. After that hour, you need to take a taxi.
  •    It is important to remember that the hotel is located in high elevation. Therefore, the air temperature in Hanging Gardens tends to be chilly. In addition, it is also not very recommended for those who are afraid of heights and also suffer from vertigo.

•    The hotel also opens for one day visitation which means that you can still visit the Hanging Gardens to enjoy the scenic pool without having to stay in the hotel.

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